• Zia Khoshsirat

Ghasem Anvar and His Gilaki Poems

Well, most of us, speakers of Gilaki, from Gorgan to Heiran (Hairon) in Gilan, do not know him well. What we know about Ghasim Anvar (757-837) is limited but enough to recognize him as a multilingual poet. He spent years in Gilan, then moved to Harat. In this post I just want to give you one of his Gilaki poems, for the first time in a personal blog. My assumption based on the linguistic clues is that during the time he lived in Gilan, Ghasem learned Gilaki from highlanders, like poeple of Dailaman, Eshkevar, Siekal (Siahkal) and such. There is at least one linguistic anthropological clue which might strengthen the assumption (I'll update this post later).

I don't claim my assumption is correct, the point here is we might be able to find many anthropological facts of the old time from the language, from the document our ancestors left for us.

The following poem is roughly translated.

اي جانٚ جهان جهانٚ جان دلبر گيل مي دل همه روج داره تي ديميٚ ميل سيلابٚ سرشکٚ قاسم از ابرٚ غمت اندي بشو که ببرد گيلانا سيل

əj ʤänə ʤəhän ʤəhänə ʤän dəlbərə Gil mi dəl həmə ruʤ dærə ti dimi:ə mil siläbə sərəʃkə ɣäsim əz əbrə ɣəmət əndi bəʃu kə bəbərd Gilänə sil

O soul of the universe, universal soul, Gili lover My heart wants [to see] your face everyday A flood of tears of Ghasem from the cloud of grief [of not seeing you] Moved as far as it destroyed Gilan.


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