Gilaki Dictionaries


Second attested language in Iran, still we - speaker of Gilaki languages in the old Caspian region and the world - do not have a data base; at least a searchable dictionary. Dictioanry of Tabari, one of the most comprehensive Gilaki dictionaries, closed its website. I started to type Payandeh-Langaroudi's dictionary but I was not successful. Doing it by myself and have other projects to do, I left it after the completing the page 30. 

I have tried to extract the text and it came out as one of the most difficult project in the past three years. 

What should we do if dictionaries are not accessible. For example, Dictionary Gil u Dailam was published once and unfortunately the author passed away. To find a copy of the book you must be lucky, or be a dreamer.

Story short, I want to upload the dictionary here (no copyright on the book). I found a way to enhance the book and started with 91 pages. It takes a 12 hours to finish just 20 pages and more than 60 hours to finish the process.

So my first project, here, is make the dictionary accessible and readable for indigenous people of Gilaki language community. 

 مۊ مي هخساي-ه کادرم گ  گيلکي واژه نؤمه ئؤن-ه امي گيلکؤن ئبه دسبرس ببۊن. هي کار-ه پاينده کتابٚ همره بۊنه گيته درم. امي ناجه هينه گ يته آنلاين واژه نؤمه بداريم. هيسه بنبنه - هرکاري گ امي دس رسنه خا انجؤم دأن.

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