• Zia Khoshsirat

Gilaki is not limited to Gilan (will be updated)

There is an authentic document from ~90 years ago which clearly says people of Ahmadabad (Damavand, Tehran) and Amol speak Gilaki. We need to re-visit our definition of Gilaki; one more time: administrative borders are not the only criterion. -I will upload the document here after getting access and permission.

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هۊ آسمۊن جه من کامبه خاهش اۊنجه که ته دري نزنه وارش، طیبه جان طیبه آمؤليه آمؤليه طیبه مني یار ٚ أوليه، طیبه جان مه وطن مازندرۊنه گيلکي مني زوۊنه یلاقيمه، یلاقيمه، یلاقي یلاقيمه تا دنيا هسته باقي، ته ب