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Old Gilaki Manuscripts

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

Attested Gilaki manuscripts go back to 600-800 years ago when Gilaks were translating Arabic texts into Gilaki and composing poems. The language of these texts probably belongs to a place between southern Dailaman (Deylaman) and northern Lahijan. Today few of Gilaki texts have been recognized by scholars which I selected numbers of them to list here: 1. Divan-e Sharafshah-e Dulaei (12th century): collection of poem in a western dialect of Gili (Gilanian Gilaki) (Right) 2. Tafsir-e Dailami (14th century; aka. Tafsir-e Kitaballah-e Shahrdavir-e Dailami): Translation of Quran with interpretation (Middle)

3. Maqamat-e Hariri (15th century). To the best of my knowledge, there are just two translations of this text, Persian and Hebrew. Gilaki is the third. It seems the complexity of the text (prose) made it hard to translate it by that time (Left) 4. Divan-e Amir Pazevari/Pazvari (~14-17?): Collection of poems in Gilaki Tabari (Mazandarani), known as Amiri

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